Epson stylus inkjet cartridges

epson inkjet cartridge


Epson stylus inkjet cartridge

There are several types of inkjet technology but the most common is ‘drop on demand’ (DOD). This works by squirting small droplets of ink onto paper, through tiny nozzles: like turning a hosepipe on and off 5,000 times a second. The amount of ink propelled onto the page is determined by the driver software that dictates which nozzles shoot droplets, and when.

Epson ink cartridge  - Epson inkjet cartridge


The nozzles used in inkjet printers are hair fine and on early models they became easily clogged. On modern inkjet printers this is rarely a problem, but changing cartridges can still be messy on some machines. Another problem with inkjet technology is a tendency for the ink to smudge immediately after printing, but this, too, has improved drastically during the past few years with the development of new ink compositions.  

epson stylus inkjet cartridge


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Epson inkjet Cartridges